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This section is intended for those whose primary means of getting around consists of walking or bicycling. This is, of course, a terribly vague definition. It means that you can assume that anything in this section is less than two miles away unless otherwise noted or easily accessible by public transportation. As a side note, having a bicycle (or at the very least, a unicycle) is rather useful. Not only can it take you too many area stores, but you wouldn’t have to wake up for another 3 minutes every morning.

Editor’s note: while this section is written in the first person, it is a compilation of opinions from myself, previous editors, and various other contributors whose opinions were solicited during editing.

Services/Things You Might Need

  • Animal Hospitals

    I know nothing about this. None of the previous editors knew anything either. Here are some names and numbers. Go at your own risk.
    Animal Emergency Clinic, 2121 E. Foothill, 626-564-0704 (this should be 24 hrs)
    VetCo (next to PetCo) 845 S. Arroyo Parkway 626-577-2689 (Techers with pets say this is good for basic care)

  • Auto Repair

    There are an amazing number of bad car mechanics in the area. As a result, while I’ve listed confirmed ripoffs, I would strongly suggest only using a place that someone (not necessarily this publication) recommends to you. Remember: for a smog test use a test only place.
    A Tire, corner of Colorado and Sierra Madre, 626-449-5213 (a good, inexpensive place for all sorts of basic repairs, not just tires. Ask for Sarkis)
    Pasadena Collision Center, Walnut 2 blocks east of Hill, 626-792-7605 Pasadena Auto Body, 583 N. Lake, 626-795-8167 (both this and the previous entry do good body repair, though Pasadena Auto Body is pretty expensive)
    Advanced Muffler, 1234 E. Walnut, 626-795-3104 (good for exhaust and brakes)
    Accurate Autoworks, 26 N. Hill, 626-584-6632 (mention Caltech since they advertise in the Tech)
    Fuji Auto, 2155 E. Colorado, 626-405-1818 (this and the previous entry are rumored to be good, but I couldn’t find anyone who’s actually been to either)
    Nina Test Only, 2515 Nina St, 626-584-7119. A

    What to avoid: Del Mar Radiators, Vince’s Auto, Ford/Mercury dealer on Colorado/Hill, Honda of Pasadena, Steve’s Auto Service, Purrrfect Auto, and Master Automotive.

  • Banks

    The Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union gives a fantastic interest rate (at the time of writing this it is above 3%), and the most hassle-free banking ever. The membership fee is $0.25, and the minimum balance is $5. They are also on campus with an ATM in Winnett. They unfortunately do not offer checking (but they do offer an ATM card, for $10/year). They also let you get a student credit card without a yearly fee. For checking, you can use any of four or five banks within a block of Lake and Colorado.
    Branches of banks around here include (but are certainly not limited too):
    Bank of America, Colorado and Bonnie, 626-578-5186
    Wells Fargo, Lake and Green, 626-449-8611
    Washington Mutual, Lake and Colorado, 626-577-6200
    Citibank, Lake and Del Mar, 626-795-9836
    Bank of the West, Colorado and Madison, 626-564-4000

  • Bicycle Shops and Repair

    Bikes are pretty useful to have in Pasadena, as many things are in the 1.5-3.5 mile range. You can get one at Target (Colorado and Mentor), or at a fancy bike shop. When choosing a bike, keep in mind that the half-life of a good bicycle on campus, even if it is locked by U-locks, is about a year and a half. Taking your bike inside may be a good idea. Target sells the Glacier Point Magna bike, Next, and a few other house brands for $50-100ish. These tend to break relatively easily. At the next level up they sell Schwinns for $125-175ish, which are pricier but sturdier. Your best value, though, is a used bike. The best source of these is craigslist ( If you need a bike shop, whether for repairs or buying a nicer bike some places to try include:
    Incycle, Colorado and Holliston, 626-577-0440 (expensive, but most people seem happy with the service)
    Pasadena Cyclery, 1670 E. Walnut, 626-795-2866 Note: one or possibly both of these places gives a 10% discount to Caltech students so call before you go, and check their websites for coupons.

  • Dry Cleaners

    C-Store (don’t bother its expensive and they loose your stuff)
    Tip Top Cleaners, Lake and California, 626-796-6777 (pretty fast and decently priced)
    French Hand Laundry and Dry Cleaners, Lake and California, 626-792-3881 (pretty expensive and takes a while, but very high quality)

  • Electronics

    Radioshack, 1715 E. Colorado, 626-449-4527 (has basic parts)
    H Sales, 2176 E. Colorado, 626-681-4925 (a surplus store, mostly electronics; they have things like motors, gears, solenoids, transformers, and capacitors)
    Duvac 1759 E. Colorado, 626-796-3291 (has industrial type things)
    GNP Audio, 1254 E. Colorado, 626-577-7767 (run by Tech alums, has very good and very expensive audio equipment)
    Depending on what you need, try the EE stockroom or calling up an electronics company and asking for a free sample of some crazy part.

  • Groceries (mostly by distance) Pavilions, Lake and California (basic stuff, open until midnight)
    Wild Oats, Lake and California (expensive “healthy” foodstuffs)
    Trader Joe’s, Lake between San Pasqual and Del Mar (specialty stuff that is pretty cheap open until 9pm)
    Ralph’s, Lake and Walnut (pretty good, open until 2am)
    Vons, 2355 E. Colorado (pretty big, open until midnight)
    Smart and Final, Hill and Locust (like Costco, but cheaper and seedier, open until 9pm)
    Restaurant Depot, San Gabriel and Foothill (huge amounts of food for cheap, when you enter tell them you are with Caltech and mention Tom Mannion if you have to, closes pretty early)
    Whole Foods, Rosemead and Foothill (not as expensive as Wild Oats, but further away, good produce, open until 10pm)
    Farmer’s market, Orange Grove and Sierra Madre (Saturday mornings at Pasadena High School)

  • Haircuts

    This is probably something where it’s probably better just to ask an upperclassman if you know what you want and have a budget in mind.
    Mentor Barber Shop& Style, Colorado and Mentor, 626-795-6781 (pretty good and very reasonably priced, ie: $10-15 range)
    Hair on Lake, Look Apart Salon, Green and Hudson, 626-793-2492 (good, average priced salon, ie: $25 for a girl’s haircut, less for guys)
    International Academy of Cosmetology, Lake and Union, 626-229-9110 (its $3 on Wednesdays, what else do you need to know…)

  • Hardware, Housewares, Clothing, Office

    This category gets a lot bigger if you have a car, and obviously listing every clothing store in Pasadena is just silly so this is just a quick overview of your options. The nearest mall is rather expensive and is called the Paseo (Colorado and Los Robles). For lots of higher end clothing options try walking around old town or on Lake from California to Colorado.
    Target, Colorado and Mentor (they have things like laundry detergent, clothes, and other similar “necessary” things, open until 10pm, except on Sundays until 9pm)
    Orchard Supply Hardware, 452 S. Fair Oaks (a good hardware store in the Home Depot style, this is the closer one in South Pasadena, there is another on Colorado in Pasadena, but its actually further away, both are open until 9pm, except Sundays when they close at 8pm) Ross, Lake and San Pasqual (mostly clothing, but actually sells some housewares upstairs, open until 9:30pm, except Sundays when it closes at 7pm)
    Macy’s, Lake and Del Mar (fancier clothing and housewares, open until 9:15 on weekdays and 7:15 on weekends)
    Office Depot, Colorado and Michigan (open until 9pm during the week, 7 or 8 on weekends)
    Office Max, Colorado and Oak Knoll (open until 9pm during the week and 7pm on weekends)
    Kinko’s, Colorado and Lake (this one is 24 hours)
    Pasadena Image Printing, Colorado and Lake (supposed to be higher quality than Kinko’s, but has shorter hours and no website)
    Aaardvark’s, Colorado and Chester, 626-583-9109 (huge selection of vintage and costume clothing, they probably close around 7pm)
    Out of the Closet, Colorado and Meridith, 626-440-1719 (thrift store, more expensive than others, but the profits go to an AIDS charity, hours unknown)

  • Hotels

    Probably for your parents to stay at when they visit, not for you. If you’re around and don’t have housing, there are plenty of couches around campus to crash on. The order below is somewhat random, however most of the hotels listed have Caltech rates and are all reasonably close by.
    The Athenaeum, 551 S. Hill Ave Pasadena, 626-395-8200 (you need a member to sponsor them, but its close by and reasonably priced for nice rooms at $95/night for room, $150/night for suite)
    Courtyard by Marriott, 180 N. Fair Oaks Ave Pasadena, 626-403-7600 ($122 single/double
    Embassy Suites Hotel, 211 E. Huntington Drive Arcadia, 800-362-2779 (no Caltech rates)
    Four Points by Sheraton, 700 W. Huntington Drive Monrovia, 626-357-5211 ($99 single, $109 double, $10 extra/person) Hampton Inn, 311 Huntington Drive Arcadia, 626-395-6331 (no Caltech rates)
    Hilton Garden, 199 N. Second Ave Arcadia, 626-574-6900 (no Caltech rates)
    Hilton Pasadena, 168 S. Los Robles Ave Pasadena, 626-577-1000 ($134 single/double)
    Holiday Inn Monrovia, 924 W. Huntington Drive Monrovia, 626-375-1900 (no Caltech rates)
    Ritz Carlton Pasadena, 1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave Pasadena, 626-568-3900 ($165 deluxe guestroom, $265 club guestroom)
    Sheraton Pasadena, 303 E. Cordova Street Pasadena, 626-449-4000 ($125 single, $155 double, and complimentary transportation)
    Spring Hill Suites, 99 N. Second Ave Arcadia, 626-821-5400 (no Caltech rates) Westin Hotel, 191 N. Los Robles Ave Pasadena, 626-304-1444 ($144 single, $174 double, and complimentary transportation)
    Best Western Motel, 2156 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena, 626-793-9339 / 800-937-8376 (rate unknown, but the Caltech corporate ID # is 01388930, which only works if you call the 800 number)
    Saga Motor Hotel, 1635 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena, 626-795-0431 ($66 1 bed single, $69 1 bed double, $70 2 bed single, $73 2 bed double, $71 king bed single, $73 king bed double)
    Super 8 Motel, 2863 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena, 626-449-3020 (no Caltech rates)
    Vagabond Inn, 1203 E. Colorado Blvd Pasadena, 626-449-3170 ($64 single, $69 double)
    Westway Inn, 1599 E. California Blvd Pasadena, 626-304-9678 ($59 king bed, $65 2 queen beds)
    Oakwood Corporate Apartments, several locations (see, Caltech rate form $90 a night)
    Homestead Guest Studios, 930 S. Fifth Ave Monrovia, 626-256-6999 (1-6 days: $75 single, $87 double, 7+ days: $55 single, $64 double)
    Marriot Residence Inn, 321 E. Huntington Drive Arcadia, 626-446-6500 (one bedroom suite: $149 1-5 days, $139 6-11 days, $129 12-29 days, $109 30+ days)

  • Libraries

    There’s a small public library branch on Hill, just south of Colorado. The central Pasadena branch is at 285 E. Walnut, and they’ve got a large assortment of fiction and normal-people journals. With a form of ID and a proof of address (any letter addressed to you at your Caltech address) they will give you a library card. The central library is pretty quiet and really nice inside if you like the classic library look.

  • Obtaining Beverages of an Alcoholic Nature

    All grocery stores have some alcohol section which is enough to satisfy your basic requirements. Below is a list of some other options.
    Beverages and More, 885 S. Arroyo Parkway, 626-356-9462 (has a complete inventory of most things alcohol-related, with a decent wine selection, either get a BevMo card or find a friend with one for good discounts, open until 9pm on everyday but Sunday, when the closing time is 7pm)
    Chronicle Wine Cellar, California in the parking lot behind Pie N’Burger,, 626-577-2549 (excellent staff who can give you advise about what to buy in your budget and who are willing to order things they do not have in stock, reasonable prices, hours are M-F 11:30am - 6:30pm, Sat. 10:00am - 4:30pm, and Sun. 11:30am - 5:00pm)
    Liquor Mart, Colorado and Catalina, (close but small, hours unknown)
    Trader Joe’s, Lake between San Pasqual and Del Mar (has a good inexpensive wine selection, harder to find beers, and a small selection of upscale harder alcohol, they close at 9pm)
    Wild Oats, Lake and California (has a good expensive wine selection)

  • Pharmacies

    The Health Center is usually cheaper, but they might not have what you want. If you must go off campus the best place is Target though (9pm during the week, 6pm on weekends), they stock most things and fill prescriptions really quickly. They are also in the preferential list on the health plan, so show your health card when you first get one filled there. Always check the preferred pharmacy list on the health plan so you don’t have to fill out tons of paper work to get your prescription filled cheaply.
    California Pharmacy, Lake and California, 626-792-3156 (only bother going if you need a prescription, the general selection is small and over priced)
    Rite-Aid, Colorado and Catalina, 626-796-5539 (open until 10pm but the pharmacy closes at 6pm on weekends)

Things To Do

  • Arcades

    None in walking distance, sorry.

  • Art and Museums (by distance)

    The Huntington Library, Allen and Orlando, noon-4:30pm, $10 with student ID, $15 without: giant botanical gardens and some small art exhibition spaces, the larger galleries will reopen in September 2008, for now check out the Constable exhibition from February – May 2007, it also has the cheapest tea room in the area at $20 a person
    The Pacific Asia Museum, Colorado and Los Robles, Thursday – Sunday 10am-5pm, except 8pm on Fridays, $5 with student ID: contains a large collection of Asian and Pacific Islander Art and Artifacts
    The Pasadena Art Museum, Union and Los Robles: all I know about it is that their parking structure has some crazy commissioned graffiti inside
    The Pasadena Museum of California Art, 490 E. Union, Wednesday – Sunday noon – 5pm, $4 with student ID: a small museum of California based art and design from 1850 – the present, often showing current artists
    The Norton Simon, 411 W. Colorado (past the freeway), open from noon 6pm, except Fridays 9pm and closed Tuesdays, free with student ID: contains a small but well known collection of Western and Asian art, though the attitude of the docents and other employees almost makes it not worth going to
    The Bunny Museum, 1933 Jefferson Dr, 626-798-8848, by appointment only with some open house days, a house stuffed with bunny themed items whose owners still live there

    If you want to make art yourself some suppliers are listed below.
    Blick Art Materials, 44 S. Raymond, 626-795-4985 (has a good selection and reasonable prices, open until 8pm during the week and 6 or 7 on weekends)
    Michael’s, Colorado and Mar Vista, 626-431-2850 (has more fabrics, crafts and longer lines full of housewives, hours unknown)
    Stats Floral Supply, Raymond and Green, 626-795-9308 (open from 9am9pm, except 6pm Sundays)

    Jo-Ann Crafts, 550 N. Lake, 626-449-1616 (sells fabric for clothes, open from 9am-9pm, closes at 7pm on Sundays)
    Mimio, 38 S. Raymond, 626-685-9090 (sells “fine papers”, Monday – Wednesday until 6pm, Thursday – Saturday until 7pm, Sunday until 5pm)

  • Bookstores

    If you cannot wait three days for, some bricks and mortar stores are listed below for instant gratification.
    Borders, Lake and San Pasqual (open until 11pm, except Friday and Saturday when they stay open until midnight)
    Vroman’s, Colorado and El Molino (reasonable prices, nice atmosphere, and they often attract major authors for book signings, open until 9pm Monday through Thursday, until 10pm on Friday and Saturday and until 8pm on Sundays)
    Book Alley, Colorado and El Molino (a really nice used book store with lots of interesting and rare books, open until 9pm except on Sundays when they close at 6pm)
    Cliff’s Books, Colorado and El Molino (a cheap but badly organized used book store, always open until midnight)
    Barnes and Noble, Colorado and Delancy (open until 11pm every day)

  • Bowling

    AMF Bahama Lanes, 3545 E. Foothill, 626-351-8858 (kind of expensive, open until 11pm during the week and 1am Fridays and Saturdays)
    Pasadena Lawn Bowling Club, 275 S. Raymond Ave (they meet Saturday mornings in the park to dress in white, wear straw hats, and play bocce)

  • Comedy

    The Ice House, 24 N. Mentor, 626-577-1894 (2 drink minimum, 18+)

  • Flea Markets

    PCC, Hill and Colorado (in the mornings on the first Sunday of every month, free admission)
    Rose Bowl (second Sunday of every month, $5 admission fee)

  • Ice Skating

    Pasadena Ice Skating Center, 310 E. Green, 626-578-0800 ($7 during general admission, $3 for skate rentals, usually open from 12-4pm during the week, though Caltech sometimes sponsors free nights for students,

  • Movie Theatres (by distance) Academy 6, Catalina and Colorado ($5-6, second run and art movies)
    Laemmle’s Playhouse 7, 673 E. Colorado, (art and independent films)
    Pacific’s Paseo 14, Colorado and Los Robles (in the Paseo mall, $8.75 with student ID, first run movies)
    Laemmle’s One Colorado Cinemas, 42 Miller Alley (Old Town, first run movies and some art films)

    As far as renting movies goes, ASCIT has a DVD library whose current whereabouts are unknown. You could also check out Penny Lane (Lake and California), which has a decent selection of foreign and artsy. There’s a Blockbusters (Lake and Del Mar), but this should probably be your last resort. If you plan in advance the Pasadena Public Library also has a nice DVD collection.

  • Music

    Pasadena Symphony, Green and Marengo (Civic Center, with a relatively short season but good performances and good student prices)
    Boston Court, 70 N. Mentor, 626-683-6883 ($20 and up, plays a wide variety of classical, blues, jazz, gospel, etc.)
    Poo-Bah, 2636 E. Colorado, 626-449-3359 (is a good bet for pop/rock CD’s and their own label stuff, open until 9pm, except Sundays when they close at 7pm)
    Tower Records, Lake and Del Mar (good classical section, open until midnight)
    Canterbury Records, Colorado and Hudson (good atmosphere and sells tons of vinyl, open until 9pm, except 10pm on Fridays and 7pm on Sundays)

  • Radio and TV

    This is purely a list of what you are supposed to hear, actual reception of these stations can vary widely from radio to radio and place to place on campus.
    FM Stations
    Alternative: 106.7
    Christian: 90.3, 91.1, 99.5
    Classical: 91.5, 105.1
    Country: 93.9, 95.1
    Light: 94.7 (smooth Jazz), 103.5
    Oldies: 99.9, 101.1
    Pop: 102.7, 104.3
    R&B, Hiphop: 100.3, 105.9
    Rock and Classic Rock: 93.1, 95.5, 98.7
    Spanish: 96.3, 97.9, 98.3, 101.9, 107.1, 107.5
    Talk: 89.3 (Public Radio out of PCC), 89.9 (Public Radio out of SMCC), 90.7 (Pacifica Public Radio), 97.1
    AM Stations
    Asian: 1300, 1430, 1600, 1650
    “Ethnic”: 670, 1190
    News: 790, 870, 980, 1170
    Children’s Programming: 1110
    Christian: 740, 1280, 1460
    Spanish: 830, 900, 930, 1020, 1330, 1390, 1580
    Sports: 570, 710, 1540 Talk: 640, 1150 R

    As far as TV goes, you probably won’t have time for it. But if you just can’t do without, the North Houses still have TV’s in their lounges, and there’s one in the west multipurpose room and the R/F trailer. There should also be TVs back in the south house lounges.

    If you’re looking for places to screen movies, Moore 070 usually works quite well if you do not mind the awkward chairs— you might even be able to get security to let you in. Jorgensen 74 is good as well. The housing office also has a nice TV that if you are polite and not too messy they might let you use to view movies or just watch TV.

  • Religion and Worship

    There are a lot of churches, temples, and the like in the area. In fact Pasadena seems to be the place to put a church in the nearby area so you have many, many options. Even if you don’t like some church/religion/ etc., you might understand a bit better where some other people are coming from. If nothing else, churches and temples are usually pretty... just be wary of cults… it’s pretty hard to draw the line, sometimes. For a more educational, if somewhat evangelical experience there is the Fuller Theological Seminary on Union around Los Robles. The list below is in alphabetical order by key word (ie: Pasadena does not count) and all phone numbers are 626 area code.

    Abundant Life Community 1539 E. Howard St. 398-2418
    Bahai Church of Truth 690 N. Orange Grove 795-6905
    First Baptist Church 75 N. Marengo Ave. 793-7164
    Pasadena Buddhist Temple 1993 Glen Ave. 798-4781
    Calvary Chapel of Pasadena 2200 E. Colorado Blvd. 584-9992
    Chabad of Pasadena 1102 E. Walnut St. 563-8820
    Church of Christ 1727 Kinneloa Canyon Rd. 791-2944
    First Christian Church 789 N. Altadena Dr. 798-0591
    First Congregational Church 464 Walnut St. 795-0696
    All Saints Episcopal Church 132 N. Euclid Ave. 796-1172
    First Foursquare Church 174 Harkness Ave. 792-1803
    Grace Community Bible 445 W. Montana St. 794-7223
    Grace Lutheran Church 73 N. Hill Ave. 792-4169
    Church of Jesus Christ of LDS 1503 E. Colorado Blvd. 792-5114
    Pasadena Jewish Temple 1434 N. Altadena Dr. 798-1161
    Knox Presbyterian Church 225 S. Hill Ave. 449-2144
    Lake Ave. Church 393 N. Lake Ave. 795-7221
    Pasadena Mennonite Church 1041 N. Altadena Dr. 398-8224
    Holliston United Methodist 1305 E. Colorado Blvd. 793-0685
    Coven of the Mother Mountain Aerie
    Masji Al-Toqwa 2181 N. Lake Ave. 398-8392
    Quakers in Pasadena 520 E. Orange Grove Blvd. 792-6223
    St. Philip’s Roman Catholic 151 S. Hill Ave. 793-0693
    St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 1014 E. Altadena Dr. 798-6747
    Church of Scientology 1277 E. Colorado Blvd. 792-7533
    Self-Realization Fellowship (Hindu) 150 N. El Molino Ave. 683-3983
    Vision Christian Fellowship 1555 E. Colorado Blvd. 304-2688
    Neighborhood Unitarian Church 201 N. Orange Grove Blvd. 440-3470
    Throop Memorial Unitarian 300 S. Los Robles Ave. 795-8625
    Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans
  • Theaters

    The Pasadena Playhouse, 39 S. El Molino, 626-356-7529 (highly regarded, but very expensive)
    Boston Court, 70 N. Mentor, 626-683-6883 (previews are $15 a ticket, regular performances are $25 with student ID)
    The Civic Auditorium, Green and Marengo (you have to watch their calendar for plays)

  • Yoga

    Caltech offers several classes, but they’re all pretty much the same. If you want to practice it more seriously these three places (especially the last two) are good places to start with.
    Yoga Kingdom Sanctuary, Lake and California (offers multiple types of yoga, first class free, $12 per class after that with various monthly packages)
    Bikram Yoga College, 2089 E. Colorado (has very physically intense yoga, practiced in a room that is kept at about 105 degrees, $17 per class, but they claim to have student rates if you call or talk to them in person)
    Yoga House, 11 W. Sate Street (offers multiple types of yoga, including less intense ones, $12 with student ID for single classes, packages are 10% off with student ID)