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(2019 June By-Laws Amendment Election)
(2019 June By-Laws Amendment Election)
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===2019 June By-Laws Amendment Election===
===2019 June By-Laws Amendment Election===
For voting go to surveys and voting on the left side of the screen under user services.
[[ASCIT Bylaws Amendment June 2019 Election | click here]]
[[ASCIT Bylaws Amendment June 2019 Election | for information, including full text click here]]
===2019 Senior Class Elections===
===2019 Senior Class Elections===

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Welcome! The Review Committee (RevComm for short) serves as a general oversight body for ASCIT. We run elections and fill vacancies, interpret the by-laws and other ASCIT governing documents, ensure elected officials and the various parts of the Corportation do their job, and act as a neutral mediator for certain internal purposes. We meet at least once a month and also following elections or vacancies.



The Committee consists of a Chair appointed by the Caltech Interhouse Committee and one representative from each House.

The Chair can be reached at reviewchair. The entire committee can be reached at reviewcommittee. (emails

To find current members, use the ASCIT position service and select either the name of the House for House Reps or Review Committe for the Chair.

Submit a Protest, Complaint, or Question

To submit concerns, request clarifications, or file election protests use this link


Revcomm Rulings


RevComm Minutes 12 May 2019

2019 June By-Laws Amendment Election

click here

2019 Senior Class Elections

Click Here: ASCIT 2019 Senior Election

2009 General Elections

Information about the 2009 General Election can be found here.

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