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Board of Directors (BoD)

The power-wielders of ASCIT are people you elect to the Board of Directors—three corporate officers (President, Treasurer, Operations Director), chairmen of three student committees (Interhouse Committee, Social Committee, Academics and Research Committee), and one appointed Secretary, adding up to seven officers. The BoD meets once per week to tell stupid stories, pass landmark legislation, and discuss student concerns. Any ASCIT member is welcome to attend. The minutes of the meetings are posted weekly in the Tech and are posted on the Olive Walk and Donut. The BoD can be contacted directly at bod at donut.ugcs.**.

President - Chris Hallacy
The ASCIT President is ultimately responsible for the actions of the corporation (i.e. getting things done). He frequently talks to members of the faculty, staff, and administration about student concerns. Most importantly, he also gets Friday morning doughnuts and puts them on the Olive Walk.
Vice President for Academic Affairs - Margaret Chiu
The ASCIT Academic VP, in theory, takes over while the ASCIT President is incapacitated. He is also the Academics and Research Committee (ARC) Chairman and is in charge of the academic committees under ASCIT.
Vice President for Non-Academic Affairs - Laura Conwill
The Non-Academic VP is the Chaiman of the Interhouse Committee. The IHC Chairman is the liaison from IHC to the ASCIT BoD. The IHC is independent of ASCIT; you can read all about it in the IHC Bylaws later in this section.
Secretary - Laura Santoso
The ASCIT Secretary is primarily responsible for organizing and recording the proceedings of the weekly BoD meetings and reporting them to the Tech for publication. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all ASCIT documents and records.
Treasurer - Mario Zubia
The ASCIT Treasurer’s most important job is to make sure no one embezzles too much money from the corporation. This involves writing checks, managing bank accounts, keeping track of receipts, and a whole bunch of other very boring jobs. He also must be available to get clubs their funding when asked and should work with the ASCIT bookkeeper to ensure all relevant information is available for filing tax returns.
Director of Operations - Diego Caporale
The Director of Operations interacts with publications officers and clubs and is in charge of ASCIT property. He’s also sort of like the BoD’s handyman, so he takes care of many other things, like use and maintainance of SAC rooms.
Director for Social Activities - Prakriti Gaba

The Director for Social Activities is the chairman of the Executive Social Committee (ESC). Together with ESC, she plans all ASCIT social events (various parties and concerts) and administers Multihouse funds.

Review Committee (RevComm)

The website of the Review Committee can be found on Donut. The Review Committee is charged with interpreting the bylaws when need arises, running elections, deciding election protests, and investigating special problems before the Corporation. The RevComm is made up of one member appointed from each House and an ASCIT-elected chairman.

Chairman - Brock Jones
Avery - Chenxi Qiu
Blacker - Kurt Litsch
Dabney - Sedona Price
Fleming - Gloria Tran
Lloyd - Bonnie Zhang
Page - Ryan Newton
Ricketts - Stephen Schwee
Ruddock - Pallavi Gunalan

Interhouse Committee (IHC)

The Interhouse Committee of the California Institute of Technology exists for the purpose of allowing communication between the eight Student Houses towards the solution of common problems. Specific charges of the IHC include organizing Rotation, overseeing Interhouse sports and Discobolus, and selecting the student members of the Student-Faculty Committees. The IHC acts as a representative and liaison for all members of the house system to Caltech administration and faculty.

Chairman - Laura Conwill
Avery - Wesley Chen
Blacker - Brad Saund
Dabney - Alan Lin
Fleming - Daniel Sexton
Lloyd - Riley Patterson
Page - Katerine Wong
Ricketts - Erin Hoops
Ruddock - Vivian Sun

IHC-Appointed Offices

IHC Secretary - Christian Rivas
Elected by the members of the IHC, the duties of the IHC secretary are to plan the weekly meetings and all other events attended by the IHC as well as to record and publish the notes of each meeting.
IHC Athletic Manager - Thimal de Alwis
The IHC Athletic Manager is a liaison between the Athletic Department, the IHC, and the Houses. He takes care of athletic awards and keeps track of Interhouse and Disco challenges.
IHC Food Chair - Flora Li
The food chair serves as a liaison between CDS and the students on board. The chair runs food-rep meetings and works with CDS on the student handbook, menus, and survey analysis. To contact the entire committee (including Peter Daily) email cdsfood at **.
IHC Stewardship Chair - Brad Saund (first term), Ben Kurtz (second term)
The Stewardship Committee is responsible for stewardship of the Houses, which means fixing and paying for damages and making necessary repairs to ensure the Houses don’t fall apart.

Board of Control

The Board of Control is composed of the chair, a secretary, representatives from each of the Houses (elected by each House), two representatives at large, and an off-campus representative. The Board of Control is charged with the administration of the Honor System, one of the greatest strengths of Caltech. The Honor Code works because intelligent people act in a reasonable manner in order to make Caltech a pleasant environment.

The Board of Control takes action only when it seems that the bounds of reasonable action have been taken too far. The decisions of the Board are reviewed by the Deans. The Deans will either uphold the decision or, occasionally, send the case back to the Board for further review. Very rarely, the Deans may decide that the case lacks merit and will dismiss it. All the proceedings of the BoC are kept under lock and key and are available only to the BoC. The administration has no access to these records, only to summaries of convictions, and usually they will keep even these confidential.

If you witness or hear of something that you think may be a violation of the Honor System, or if you are unsure whether some action that you intend to take is within the bounds of the Honor System, consult a member of the Board, either in detail or in abstract form. Messages for the Chairman and Secretary can be left in strict confidence at x6200 or you can email boc at ugcs.**. Lack of forethought and understanding are major factors in many Honor System violations, so always consider how your actions will affect others. The Honor System can only continue to work with the support and cooperation of the community.

See also the Honor Code Handbook, published in its entirety in the little t.
Chairman - Ploy Siriwon
Secretary - Nikki Thadani and Kristen Holtz
Avery - Jessica Hsu and James Chang
Blacker - Ben Cosman, Anna Ross
Dabney - Aniruddha Bapat, Brent Terry-Penak
Fleming - Gautam Upadhya, Michael Paluchniak
Lloyd - Tim MacDonald, Sabrina Sun
Page - Stephanie Kwan, Sue Jiang
Ricketts - Prastuti Singh, Victor Chen
Ruddock - Avin Andrade, Melissa Zhang
Off-Campus -
Reps at Large - Randall Lin, Deeksha Agarwal, and Pukei Cheng

Conduct Review Committee

The Conduct Review Committee deals with nonacademic Honor Code violations. The CRC is co-chaired by the student chairman and Associate Dean Barbara Green and contains one representative from each House and one representative elected by off-campus students.

Student Chairman - Aarathi Minisandram
Co-Chairman - Barbara Green
Avery - Tony Tong
Blacker - Martin Michelsen
Dabney - Yakov Berchenko-Kogan
Fleming - Aarathi Minisandram
Lloyd - Wilson Ho
Page - Sue Jiang
Ricketts - Peggy Allen
Ruddock - Richard Gianforte
At-Large - Elizabeth Mak, Anna Craig, Mario Zubia

ASCIT Publications

These publications are under the domain of ASCIT. Editors of these publications are either elected by the students or appointed by the BoD, and these publications are subsidized almost solely by ASCIT.

The California Tech
The student newspaper, and as the only on-campus newspaper it sometimes gets a lot of attention. The quality varies quite a bit from week to weak and year to yeer because they don’t have enough people to help them.
Editors - Stanford Schor, Jonathan Schor, Sandhya Chandrasekaran, Amol Kamat
Business Manager -
The Big T
A mythical publication purported to come out yearly and act as the student yearbook. Rumor has it that the missing three years of Big T’s were completed and shipped to the appropriate graduating classes, but visual confirmation is still pending. The staff for the 2010-2011 Big T has not been fully decided yet, but its tentative Editor in Chief is listed below.
Editor in Chief, Business Manager - Mythili Iyer
the little t
Hailed by the New York Times as “Riveting” and by The Economist as “the most influential Caltech undergraduate student handbook of 2010,” the little t is among the most important handbooks of the 21st century. A masterpiece of editing and organization, this family-friendly guidebook has been known to bring tears to the eyes of many Techers.
Editors - Megan Cutrofello, Andrew Price, Sedona Price
Business Managers - Megan Cutrofello, Sedona Price
Assistant Editors - Kristina Flavier, David Lu, Carson McNeil, Viet Anh Nguyen Huu, Alexander Rasmussen, Keshav Sapatnekar, Michael Wu
Learn about courses at Caltech as reviewed by your fellow Techers. The CLUE can be accessed on Donut and is maintained by the Donut Team.
Our literary arts magazine.
Editors - Ioana Aanei, Michelle Jiang, Kimberly Ho
ASCIT’s handy web interface at
Donut Team - Chris Hallacy, Daniel Erenrich

Academics and Research Committee

Chaired by the Director for Academic Affairs, the ARC takes suggestions and solves problems concerning academics and research. Each year the ARC awards ASCIT Teaching Awards to exceptional professors and TAs nominated by students. Every other year, the ARC organizes the Student-Faculty Conference (including this year). House reps are chosen by each House, and the Reps at Large are appointed by the partial committee of House reps. If you want a class started, ended, or changed, or have any other academic- or research-related problems, talk to your representative or email arc at donut.**.

Chair - Karthik Sarma
Secretary - Deepthi Gopal
Reps-At-Large - Shruti Mishra, Bingchan (Catherine) Xie, Cindy You
Avery - Sam Elder
Blacker - Ilya Nepomnyashchiy
Dabney - Race “The Yellow Dart” DiLoreto
Fleming - Helen Luo
Lloyd - Margaret Chiu
Page - Garrett Lewis
Ricketts - Jordan Theriot
Ruddock - Ben Cherian

Other ASCIT Offices

Senior Class Co-Presidents - Perrin Considine and Paul Fleiner
The Presidents choose the date of Ditch Day and are involved in alerting faculty and choosing whether or not to have media. They serve ex officio on the Convocations Committee and organize the Senior Gift, Senior Party, Senior Banquet, and the graduation ceremony and activities.
Coffeehouse Managers - Paul Fleiner and Peggy Allen
The Coffeehouse Managers are in charge of running the student Coffeehouse located in the Red Door, which includes training workers, keeping inventory of supplies, handling Coffeehouse schedules, and sometimes cooking.

Student-Faculty Committees

Academic Policies (APC) - Yuanjun Zhang, Brian Merlob, Karthik Sarma
This committee addresses the larger, more nebulous academic issues, such as undergraduate advising and pass/fail. Since all changes to academic policies go through this committee, it has widespread influence on academics; however, it tends to meet less often than other academic committees.
Athletics and Physical Education - Michelle Jiang, Kati Peters
This committee addresses matters of Caltech athletics, including facilities, sports programs, and physical education courses.
Committee on Exchange Programs and Study Abroad (CEPSA) - Chantal Mustoe, Vanessa Burns, Anuj Arora, DK Lim (Alternate)
Exactly what its name implies.
Computer Advisory - Chris Hallacy, Raymond Jimenez, Alexander Muschovias (alternate)
Discusses issues with IMSS and other organizations.
Core Curriculum Steering Committee (CSCC) - Neal Bansal, Margaret Chiu, Sam Elder, and Karthik Sarma (alternate)
Issues of core curriculum are addressed by this committee and changes to the core are approved by this committee.
Core Curriculum Taskforce - Kurt Litsch, Neal Bansal
This ad-hoc committee has been asked to reevaluate and define the purpose of Core as part of the undergraduate experience and education. It is meant to pave the way for potential changes to Core meant to improve the overall experience of the undergraduate.
Council on Undergraduate Education (CUE) - Margaret Chiu, Brian Merlob, Karthik Sarma (ex officio)
Worked to expand TQFR and to add Bioengineering as an option. This committee works to expand and develop education and education feedback systems.
Curriculum Committee (CC) - Kirit Karkare (Alternate), Erik Madsen, Ben Cherian, Garrett Lewis
Changes to the curriculum as well as changes to the Caltech catalog are dealt with by this committee. Issues include course descriptions and numbering, uniting, option requirements, and procedures for obtaining double majors. The Committee also considers petitions for independently designed options, double options, fifth years, second bachelor’s degrees, and requests for outside credit.
Faculty Board - Adam Khan and Karthik Sarma
This is a rather large faculty committee that is the central committee at which faculty policies and procedures are discussed and the business of the faculty is conducted. The committee also has the power to appoint special committees to study specific problems.
Foreign Students and Scholars Committee - Anum Jangsher, Baojia Tong (alternate)
Charged with helping foreign students on nonacademic matters pertaining to their attendance or stay at Caltech.
Freshman Admissions Committee - Shamili Allam, Isha Bendre, Suzanne Birner, Laura Conwill, Theresa Geiger, Joy Lin, Shannon Mohler, Brian Peng, Jacqueline Rousseau, Jasmine Sears, Vivian Sun, Jamie Tayar, Patrick Xia, Alex Zhan, Yang Hu (alternate), Jennifer Ma (alternate), Mahati Mokkarala (alternate)
This committee helps decide which applicants will be admitted to Caltech for both early and regular decision and awards freshman scholarships. This process occurs during first term for early decisions and is repeated second term for regular action. The time commitment for this committee is quite heavy. Early action group meetings occur during finals week first term and total 8 to 12 hours. Regular decision group meetings occur during finals week second term and can take up to 30 hours total. Students who apply for this committee must be able to guarantee both first and second term involvement.
Grievances Committee - Andrew Price, Will Steinhardt, and Dan Kolodrubetz (alternate)
Exactly what it sounds like, where people go to deal with grievances by the Institute—basically it’s the last step before Caltech gets sued.
Health Committee - Aliza Malz, Shannon Mohler, Sandhya Chandrasekaran (alternate), and Mahati Mokkarala (alternate)
This committee discusses the student health policy as well as administration of the health center and counseling services.
Housner Fund Committee - Mahati Mokkarala, Kelly Guan, Catherine Xie
This committee funds people who want to pursue research/conferences as undergrads at Tech. This is a good way to get a free trip to Chicago. See for more info.
Institute Art - Vivian Sun, Jomya Lei (alternate)
Art on/in/around campus.
Institute Programs Committee - Brandon Comella, Priyam Patel, Sandhya Chandrasekaran (alternate)
The Institute Programs Committee decides on speakers or performers for all educational, entertainment, and cultural programs sponsored by the Institute. The student members make suggestions for speakers or performers, and participate in the committee’s discussions.
Library Committee - Jomya Lei, Race Diloreto, Brian Merlob
The Library Committee speaks with the library staff about library system operations.
Parking - Kevin Lo, Raymond Jimenez (alternate)
Parking on campus.
Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee - Brandon Comella, Lan Huong Nguyen, Yang Hu (alternate)
Each year, this committee proposes changes to the amount charged for tuition and minimum student contribution. It also select recipients of Upperclass Merit Awards. The bulk of this committee’s work, reviewing merit award applications, is completed during midterms week in third term.
Student Housing - Chris Kolner, Andrew Price, Vivian Sun (alternate)
This committee proposes improvements to student housing.
Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors Committee - Bryan Jadot, Elizabeth Mak, Jasmine Sears, Wesley Yu, Kelly Guan (alternate), and Chris Whelan (alternate)
This committee makes decisions on all UASH petitions, including reinstatements, late drops and adds, over/underloads, extra terms, etc.
Upperclass Admissions Committee - Alexander Hu, Vivian Sun, Laura Conwill (alternate)
This committee is in charge of transfer and 3/2 admissions.

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